Saturday, 1 May 2010

When is a date a date??!

The other weekend I met up with an old friend for a drink...well I say old friend but really If I'm being completely honest he was an old boyfriend... the first, the one, the only... I was 7!! It was the boy I thought I'd marry, the boy that after 2 day's I dumped because my best friends told me he was boring!! The boy I spent the rest of my school years in love with!!
Maybe it was stupid of me to assume we were just going for a casual drink down the pub...I have plenty of boy mates who I do this with all the time and due to the powers of FB every man and their dog knows I'm in a longterm relationship!!
But something told me as soon as I saw him this was more than just a drink down the pub... as no sooner had I arrived (suitably late), giggled, said some stupid comment about his hair, downed a G & T and we were off in a taxi to a surprise location for supper!!! If only I knew what was in store....

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