Saturday, 1 May 2010

Where to begin....

Well first I should probably tell you a little bit about me. Hmmmm but how much detail should I give....what if someone I knew actually read this!!
Oh dear already I can see a disaster flash before my eyes!!! I can't help but think this will be one of those things I'll look back at and think...Why...why you silly tit would you do that!!!
My list of (should engage my brain first..)fuck up's is endless...but incase you don't believe me here are a small sample...
  • Sending current boyfriend a text message meant for ex "Hey sexy I would love to go for lunch with you.." Bla bla bla.... I'm screwed/dumped!!)
  • Replying to an email from a bride asking if I wanted to go on her hen party... unfortunately the message I sent was actually meant for my boyfriend asking him 'How the hell can i get out of said hen party...I hate hate hate 99% of the people going.!!!"(.e.g one girl who he had blatantly shagged!)
  • Sending boyfriend a horribly filthy txt message only to find I had actually sent it to his house phone...Thanks to BT and their computer voice messages.. the entire message was relayed down the phone to his dad!!
So in summery there is a 99.9% chance this will all go tits up so suppose I will just have to stick to the main facts, I'm a girl...bit of a crap one at that!! 26 year's old and from the south. The end. Please god don't no me!!

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